Real Time Screening

Verify your high risk clients with our live agents.
Highly customizable
Real-time Customer Identification
Payment Authentication

Live Agent Solution


Forget chargebacks and online payment fraud

Every verification is recorded to help you fight with any transaction disputes. Our prioprietary verification technology has one of the lowest false positive identification rates in the industry.


Highest level of identity verification

We meet the highest Swiss due dilligence requirements for client onboarding.


Easily configurable widget

Hassle free setup process with our in-depth instructions. Decide which type of customers to screen and we will take care of the rest.

GlobalPass | Explore tech detailsGlobalPass | Explore tech details

Top Notch Features

GlobalPass | Dynamic Search

Unique GlobalPass Dynamic Search

Any past searches you made are constantly monitored. GlobalPass will notify you about any changes in activity related to your search.

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Whether you want to screen your clients, potential hires or soon-to-be business partners, GlobalPass will suit your needs.

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