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GlobalPass | Confirm detailed company information

Confirm detailed company information

  • GlobalPass | Corporate ownership and structureCorporate ownership and structure
  • GlobalPass | Access to local databases and public registriesAccess to local databases and public registries
  • GlobalPass | Legal entity details, financial informationLegal entity details, financial information
  • GlobalPass | + Other relevant company data+ Other relevant company data
GlobalPass | Verify UBOs

Verify UBOs

GlobalPass | Detect forged documents

Detect forged documents

  • GlobalPass | Company registry documentsCompany registry documents
  • GlobalPass | Certificates of incorporation, articles of associationCertificates of incorporation, articles of association
  • GlobalPass | Commercial register extracts, share certificatesCommercial register extracts, share certificates
  • GlobalPass | + Other notarized documents+ Other notarized documents
GlobalPass | Validate business location

Validate business location

GlobalPass | KYB

KYB Screening

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GlobalPass | Explore tech detailsGlobalPass | Explore tech details
GlobalPass | Dynamic Search

Unique GlobalPass Dynamic Search

Any past searches you made are constantly monitored. GlobalPass will notify you about any changes in activity related to your search.

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